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Priest with coronavirus apologizes for unknowingly infecting parishioners

This is Fr. Gabriel, from the parish of St. Vincent de Paul in Valdemoro, Spain. On Thursday, March 12, he tested positive for the coronavirus. Now quarantined, he stays in touch with his parishioners through YouTube.

He sent out a video apologizing to anyone he had unknowingly infected.

St. Vincent de Paul in Valdemoro (Spain)
“If I have infected you, well, I apologize. I don't resent the person who infected me. I don't even know who it was.”

His voice broke as he remembered a number of his parishioners who have died or are in intensive care because of the virus.

St. Vincent de Paul in Valdemoro (Spain)
“I want to ask all of you to pray for them and for the people who have died. I want to pray for José and for the mother of some of my priest friends, and for all the people who will die, very alone, in these days.”

Fr. Gabriel thanked medical personnel for their work. He also said the healthcare system could be overwhelmed if people didn't take action soon.

St. Vincent de Paul in Valdemoro (Spain)
“Please. I beg you. Don't leave your homes. Don't leave your homes for any reason. Don't leave your homes.”

At least 11 priests in Italy have died because of the coronavirus, most of them in the country's northern regions.

In the United States, a number of clergymen have also tested positive for the virus. Among them are the rector of Christ Church in Georgetown, who had presided at four services with around 550 attendees.