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Coronacare: providing professional counseling and medical advice amidst coronavirus

During this unorthodox time of stress and lockdown, counseling is available and statistics are being offered about the pandemic facing the world. It's all on an online platform called Corona Care.

"Welcome to Coronacare."

Organizations like Camillian Disaster Service International (CADIS) and Catholic Hospital Association of India (CHAI) have joined together to launch this service for people who are under quarantine.

It started at beginning of February, in response to the crisis in China and has been developing and growing as the virus spreads throughout the world.

Catholic Hospital Association of India (CHAI)
"There is a growing fear in the minds of people. People are stressed, people are tense. There is a need for people to open up and talk to somebody."

Camillian Disaster Service International (CADIS)
"We have volunteers who are medical doctors who can provide scientific and medical explanations for their questions. We have psychologists and spiritual advisors who can listen to the concerns of the people."

People concerned about the situation can make an appointment to speak to professional social workers or medical experts online at coronacare.life. 

Camillian Disaster Service International (CADIS)
"We need to come together, to work together in solidarity with those who are victims of the coronavirus."

With fear and panic spreading nearly as fast as the virus, Corona Care allows everyone to get the help they need, whether they are on lockdown or not. 

Melissa Butz