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What are indulgences?

An indulgence is the removal of the stain and consequence of sin. It can be plenary or partial, depending on whether it removes all or part of the temporal punishment due for sin.

Rector, Scala Santa
April 9, 2019
“Pilgrims can get a plenary indulgence, which means remission for every stain of sin and every consequence of sin.”

An indulgence can be obtained by completing the work attached to it, receiving Holy Communion and praying for the intentions of the pope.

The Church can grant indulgences even in times of crisis, when going to confession or receiving the Eucharist are not possible.

Pontifical University of the Holy Cross
Jan. 9, 2016
“It is a great manifestation of mercy and compassion. The Church shows her motherhood by settling all debts and consequences of sin.”

Regardless of the circumstances, indulgences always require humility and sincere repentance.

Claudia Torres