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Focolare movement organizes online edition of annual United World Week

United World Week is organized by a number of organizations and entities around the globe, including the youth of the Catholic Focolare Movement.

Volunteer, United World Project
“United World Week is a laboratory and a global expo to share stories, actions and initiatives that, in every part of the world, contribute to building fraternity, unity and peace among people and populations.”

This year's theme is “In Time For Peace.” All the events are ultimately geared toward promoting effective dialogue to attain peace around the world.

Volunteer, United World Project
“Merely talking about peace isn't enough. We have to do something about it. In that sense, 'In Time For Peace' is a challenge, more than anything else. If we want to be punctual, we need to prepare ourselves well, ahead of time. If we want the world to be more peaceful, we have to do something about it.”

The coronavirus hasn't managed to snuff out the spirits of these vibrant young people. Instead of canceling everything because of social distancing, they simply moved the event online.

Volunteer, United World Project
“This pandemic shows us the injustice and inequality around the world. The disadvantaged are hit even harder now. It makes us understand that the world is an interaction between all of us. Each of my actions impacts others. We want to raise awareness so each person has the capacity to take responsible actions of solidarity contributing to a fraternal humanity.”

This 25th edition of United World Week has over 400 events in store, including webinars, moments of prayer and dialogue and concerts. For example, the musical group Gen Rosso will be performing. The week will conclude May 7. Anyone interested in joining is still in time for peace.