Caritas Pakistan distributes food and hygiene kits during pandemic

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Nearing the end of May, the number of recorded COVID-19 cases in Pakistan surpasses 45,000, while the death toll hovers just below 1,000. Caritas Pakistan is taking action to help the country's affected populations. The organization counts on seven diocesan offices, more than 200 staff members and over 1,000 volunteers, to implement a variety of local programs, projects and humanitarian responses to mitigate the crisis.

National Executive Director, Caritas Pakistan
“We realized that we should make a plan to reach those people who are really very vulnerable in this situation, by distributing the food packages and hygiene and safety kits to them. So at least during this lockdown situation, they can be assisted and they can safely stay in their homes so that they do not become the target of this COVID-19 situation.”

Caritas Pakistan has focused many of its efforts on raising awareness about the situation and informing people of the safety guidelines proposed by the World Health Organization, UNICEF and the government's health departments, to stem the spread of the virus.

National Executive Director, Caritas Pakistan
“Some of the hospital staff and the healthcare staff—we will also be providing some sort of safety kits to them, because they're very important people at the moment, who are providing services in this COVID-19 situation, at the front line.”

Caritas Pakistan is also thinking ahead to face new challenges as they emerge. This includes accompanying people dealing with the emotional toll of constantly being inundated with news about the pandemic on TV and social media.

National Executive Director, Caritas Pakistan
“We have experienced that many people in the country are very much into the situation, and for that, I think trauma counseling, trauma rehabilitation, psycho-social care, related components, will also be in our plans.”

Caritas Pakistan coordinates with the Pakistan Catholic Bishops' Conference and other Catholic institutions to effectively address the most pressing issues of the health crisis spanning the globe.

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