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UNICEF prepares to administer Covid-19 vaccine when available

Vaccinating the world population against Covid-19 will be one of the most daunting tasks in the history of humanity.

While laboratories around the world are racing to find a vaccine, UNICEF has begun preparing for its distribution. One of the main tasks now is storing supplies, which is why the organization hopes to store about 520 million syringes by the end of the year.

UNICEF Executive Director
“A historic effort involving 170 countries, to provide rapid and equitable access to initial vaccine doses when they're available. The scale is massive. We need to secure more than two billion doses by 2021. This effort will require every ounce of UNICEF's strengths and expertise in procurement and delivery and our longstanding partnerships with vaccine manufacturers.”

In front of an invisible and lethal enemy like Covid-19, a quick response is necessary. The Vaccine Alliance is gearing up to open a large distribution center, COVAX. Located in Copenhagen, Denmark, its purpose is to equitably distribute the vaccine to the entire population.

UNICEF Executive Director
“COVAX is a massive global undertaking, one that demands an equally massive effort, to save lives, to save communities and to address the most devastating pandemic in generations. UNICEF is proud to be on the front lines of this historic effort, and we look forward to gathering more partners around this important work and giving every child every chance at a healthy future.”

UNICEF is one of the organizations working in this facility, which will give top priority to the most at-risk people.

More than 169 Covid-19 vaccines are currently being developed. Twenty-six of those are in the human trials phase.

Daniel Díaz Vizzi

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