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WHO urges rich countries to donate surplus of Covid-19 vaccines to poorer countries

Of the 42 countries “rolling out safe and effective Covid-19 vaccines,” 36 are high-income and six are middle-income countries. That's why the World Health Organization is urging manufacturers and richer countries to focus on making the vaccine accessible to poorer ones.

Director-General of the WHO
“There is a clear problem that low- and most middle-income countries are not receiving the vaccine yet. I urge countries that have contracted more vaccines than they will need, and are controlling the global supply to also donate and release them to COVAX immediately, which is ready today to roll them out quickly.”

COVAX is a global effort to accelerate the production and equitable distribution of Covid-19 vaccines.

The director-general of the WHO also warns against becoming complacent as the distribution phase progresses.

Director-General of the WHO
“Over the past few days, we have seen some of the highest numbers of deaths recorded at any point in the pandemic. This is happening because, over previous weeks, there has been a lack of compliance with what health authorities are advising in several countries.”

Finally, the WHO urges the international community to give top priority to the most at-risk populations, including the elderly and medical personnel.