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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis asks politicians to dialogue with opponents in order to overcome this crisis

Before initiating his weekly catechesis, the pope greeted many pilgrims. 

He joked with this couple who has have five children. 

He blessed this couple's engagement ring. 

These nuns sang him a song.

These pilgrims gave him a pastry.

Since many were not respecting the health safety precautions, the pope asked attendees to step back to the designated seats.

“Settle appropriately. Do not crowd. Each person should be in their seat. Do not crowd, so that each one can be in their seat. That way, we are not so close to each other, and avoid infection..."

In his catechesis, the pope said that in order to overcome the current crisis, people and public institutions should not be driven only by personal interests. 

"We see that some, unfortunately, are looking to take advantage of the crisis for economic or political gain. Others try to divide and fuel conflict, and there are also people who remain indifferent to the suffering of others. The Christian response to this situation is love and to seek the common good."

Pope Francis asked the politicians not to be motivated by personal interests, since this crisis can only be solved with everyone's collaboration. the collaboration of everyone. 

"Political enemies and opponents seem to be politically or socially disabled. They "appear" to be, but only God knows if they are or not. We must love them, and we must dialogue. We must build this civilization of love, this political and social civilization of the unity of for all humanity."

In many schools places around the northern hemisphere, classes schools will resume during these upcoming days. For this reason, before concluding the audience, the pope asked for measures to protect schools in war zones so that these children can attend and receive an education. 


Translation: CC