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Pope Francis: Solution to stop climate change is to contemplate nature

Little by little, the distance between the pope and pilgrims begins to close during the General Audiences in times of the pandemic.

Pope Francis autographed books..., blessed rings... and gave advice to newlyweds. This young woman even called him her grandfather.

“Holy Father. I've been taught that we're all children of God, right? Adoptive sons and daughters. Well, I tell the Lord that I want you to be my adoptive grandfather, because I don't have grandparents here on earth. What do you think about being my adoptive grandfather?”

During the audience, the pope said people are called to care for the earth, not exploit it. To prevent people from abusing it, he advised promoting an attitude of contemplation.

Looking at the Earth, contemplating nature as a gift, not as something I should exploit. This is the core of the problem. We have to look beyond the utility of things. Contemplating beauty doesn't mean exploiting it. No. Contemplating it.

The pope said those who least respect the environment are often those who have little respect for others.

There's something we must not forget. Whoever doesn't know how to contemplate nature doesn't know how to contemplate the richness of people. Whoever lives exploiting nature ends up exploiting people and treating them like slaves. This is a universal law.

To conclude, Pope Francis remembered Fr. Roberto Malgesini, an Italian priest who was recently murdered by a troubled person he was helping. Everyone in the courtyard of San Damaso said a prayer for him.

Javier Romero

Translation: CT