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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis expresses his concern about the possible war in the Caucasus

“Let us pray together, in silence, for peace in the Caucasus.”

The pope is closely following the developments of the crisis between Armenia and Azerbaijan, two countries he visited in 2016. Before the Angelus, Pope Francis had met with the leader of the Apostolic Church of Armenia, Karekin II.

Pope Francis also mentioned that two world days were being commemorated. One of these is World Turism Day.

“The pandemic has severely affected this sector, which is important in many countries. I want to send my support to those working in tourism, especially small family businesses and young people.”

On the other hand, the pope recalled that World Day of Migrants and Refugees, which the Church has been promoting since 1914, was also being observed. 

“This year I wanted to dedicate my message to those who are internally displaced, who are forced to flee, as it happened to Jesus and his family. "Like Jesus, they are forced to flee.”

In the square there were some refugees and migrants located around the monument that Pope Francis inaugurated a year ago. An artistic work dedicated to all migrants of all times called "Angels Unawares." The statue contains a boat in which there are 140 migrants or refugees, the same number of columns found in St. Peter's Square. It is a work by the Canadian artist Timothy Schmalz, the same artist who created another well-known piece in the Vatican; the "Homeless Jesus."

Javier Romero

Translated by Christian Campos