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Missionary Luigi Maccalli has been set free after being kidnapped by Jihadists in Mali

With this Tweet, the Italian Prime Minister announced the liberation of Fr. Luigi Maccalli, who was kidnapped in Niger on Sept. 17, 2018.

In April, his captors sent this video to European newspapers to show that he was alive.

His liberation was the result of the work of the French and Italian secret services.

Nicola Chiacchio, a tourist in Mali, and French volunteer, Sophie Petronin, were also set free.

In exchange for the hostages, Mali authorities released at least 100 Jihadists from prison.

A year ago, the pope asked for the missionary's liberation during a meeting with other members of his religious order, the Society of African Missions.

“I would like to join you in prayer for your brother, Fr. Pierluigi Maccalli, who has been kidnapped for several months now in Niger.”

Apparently, Colombian religious sister Gloria Cecilia Narváez, is in the hands of the same terrorist group. Her family continues to hope that she will soon be set free.


Translation: CT