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This was the beatification of Carlo Acutis

In the same basilica that holds the remains of St. Francis, Italy's most well-known saint, Carlo Acutis became the first millennial to be beatified.

“May the venerable Servant of God Carlo Acutis, layman... From now on, may he be called Blessed.”

His parents and siblings were in the front row at the ceremony.

In fact, the new Blessed's parents accompanied the relic with Carlo Acutis' heart all the way to the altar. Now it will be carried around the world.

Outside the basilica, in various squares in Assisi, thousands of people followed the ceremony. Of course, they wore masks and respected safety distances.

Beatification is the step before canonization. It allows Carlo Acutis to be venerated almost like a saint, but only in the city of Assisi. There, his feast day will be celebrated every Oct. 12.

To be declared a saint, another miracle, taking place after this ceremony, must be attributed to his intercession.

Devotion to Carlo Acutis is widespread.

The virtual exhibition that he designed on Eucharistic miracles has led to the conversion of thousands of people.

Many others have traveled to Assisi to pray before his remains.

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