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Director shows clips from new film to Pope Francis: “He was reflecting on every moment”

This is Oscar-nominated director Evgeny Afineevsky's newest documentary, already drawing a lot of attention because of the pope's statements during exclusive interviews with the Russian-born filmmaker.

More than a traditional biography however, “Francesco” is a call to action to meet the challenges of today head-on. It addresses issues like the refugee crisis, war, the pandemic, sexual abuse and climate change, all as seen through the pope's work.

“Humanity is experiencing a crisis that is not only economic and financial.”

Director, “Francesco”
“That's why I called the movie 'Francesco.' Not 'Pope Francis,' not 'St. Francis of Assisi.' 'Francesco,' as the human being, as the dedicated human being, who is trying, through his example, through his actions, to show us something, teach us something, or at the same time inspire us to do something good.”

The documentary also features exclusive interviews with other high-ranking Church figures, including Pope-Emeritus Benedict XVI and a number of cardinals.

Afineevsky shares that he even had the opportunity to show Pope Francis parts of the finished film.

Director, “Francesco”
“When I showed him the moments with his mom, he was embracing this. He loved the call for action by the end of the movie. He liked the segments with him on climate change. He liked the moments on sexual abuse, and the finale, when he's talking about sexual abuse and seeing Juan Carlos emotional. So he was reflecting on each and every moment that I was showing him.”

The director explains that “Francesco” is ultimately the result of his search for hope, light and love, which he says he definitely found in his three years working so closely with Pope Francis.

The North American premiere of the documentary will take place during the Savannah Film Festival on Oct. 25 and will be accessible from Oct. 25-31 on the film's official website: www.francescofilm.com