Pope Francis' new book “Let Us Dream,” a guide to emerge from crisis strengthened

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With Christmas right around the corner, Pope Francis' new book is hitting bookstore shelves.

It was written during the lockdown, as a response to British journalist Austen Ivereigh's tough questions.

The text adopts a hopeful stance when facing the pandemic and global challenges facing the future of humanity. It's called “Let Us Dream.”

“To overcome the pandemic we must not only find the cure for the coronavirus, which is important. We must also find a cure for the major human and socioeconomic viruses.”

“The pope used the mechanism of dreaming, which is a way of thinking open to the possibility of something new the Holy Spirit offers you. It might be a warning. It might be the confirmation of a mission, but it comes unconsciously from an outside source, which is one way God uses to touch the heart.”

In “Let Us Dream,” the pope speaks directly to the reader, communicating his vision of today's world very freely and calmly, with optimism and humor.

It's an interesting perspective, as Pope Francis is one of the best informed people when it comes to current events.

“There are many parts of the book that to me seem fundamental in terms of the pontificate in which he expresses himself, in a very new and important way.”

Pope Francis explains for instance his approach to his role as leader, the role of women, his vision of the pandemic and divisions within the Church and society.

For Austen Ivereigh, there's an especially personal passage that offers a unique image of the pope.

“The part when he's in the Constitution Square in Buenos Aires, and to him, the crowd he saw resembled the crowd that followed Jesus.”
“It's a passage that really moves me and explains a lot about him.”

“Let Us Dream” is a powerful text for this decisive moment in Pope Francis' pontificate and the history of humanity.

It's a map to recognize the obstacles and temptations that make escaping this crisis much more difficult. It's a guide to transform the crisis into an opportunity to improve the world.

Javier Martínez-Brocal

Translation: CT

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