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“John Paul II: Still Alive” documentary named finalist in Mirabile Dictu Festival

The documentary “John Paul II: Still Alive,” by Rome Reports, has been declared a finalist at the “Mirabile Dictu” International Film Festival. It's the main event in Catholic cinema, with nearly a thousand productions from all over the world participating every year.

“John Paul II: Still Alive” offers testimonies of people who have benefited from extraordinary cures thanks to the intercession of the Polish saint.

Among them is the French nun who was diagnosed with incurable Parkinson's in 2005.

There's also a mother from Costa Rica, who was told 10 years ago that she had only a few weeks left to live after suffering a brain aneurysm.

The Mirabile Dictu Festival has nominated the director of the documentary, Antonio Olivié, as one of the three candidates for Best Director.

CEO of Rome Reports
“For those who question John Paul II's sanctity, this documentary collects testimonies of people whose lives he's changed, in extraordinary ways, in recent years.”

Contest winners will be announced on Nov. 27. This year, due to the pandemic, the awards ceremony will not have the “glamour” of previous years.

“John Paul II: Still Alive” will be made available on Rome Reports Premium in the coming weeks.


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