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Pope at Angelus: For 2021 to be a good year, we must take more care of others

During last Sunday's Angelus, the pope reminded Christians that the New Year's success does not depend on luck. In order for everything to go well, he proposed, in addition to praying, that each person give the best of oneself.

We do not know what 2021 holds for us, but what each one of us, and all of us together, can do is to take care of each other and of creation.

According to the pope, things will go better if we all work together for the common good, putting the weakest and most disadvantaged at the center. For this reason, he warned against the temptation of worrying only about one's own interests. 

In one country, I don't remember which one to allow people to flee from the lockdown and enjoy the holidays, more than 40 aircraft departed that afternoon. Yet those people, who are good people, did they not think about those who stayed at home, about the economic problems faced by many people who have been floored by the lockdown, about the sick? They thought only about taking a holiday for their own pleasure. This saddened me greatly.

The pope also reflected on this Sunday's Gospel according to John. In the reading, John uses the expression "the Word of God became flesh" because God wanted to share in our fragility.

God became flesh to tell us, to tell you that He loves you right there, that he loves us right there, in our frailties, in your frailties; right there, where we are most ashamed, where you are most ashamed.

Before leaving, the pope sent a special blessing to the families with young children and those expecting a child these upcoming weeks. He said that every birth is a promise of hope.

Translation: CC