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Catholic artist Cory Heimann shows saving power of beauty

Cory Heimann is a jack of all trades in the world of art. He's into graphic design, photography and video production, and he uses his creative vision to bring together all kinds of artists for one simple purpose.

Creative Director, Likeable Art
“I try to make beautiful things in order to present Christ as the irresistible self He already is.”

Of the many projects he's completed with “Likeable Art,” he says his favorite is the “Created” book, a collaborative work featuring Catholic painters, filmmakers, actors, pastors, authors, professors, architects and more. They each share which five words inspire their work. Cory, for instance, says he draws inspiration from the Bible.

Creative Director, Likeable Art
“The first five words are, 'In the beginning, God created.' So if that's the first thing God did, then every time I create, or my fellow artist creates, we're sharing in that first thing that God did, and so I've just constantly seen that as my relationship with the Creator and someone who genuinely delights in creating, and sees it as good.”

He says he's grateful for the inspiration and encouragement he receives from different people in his life, including his wife, who turned to painting while going through a difficult pregnancy.

Creative Director, Likeable Art
“She said, 'I just feel like ever since I started making art again, that I see the world in color,' and that's what I just—I just kind of play back that quote of my wife's over and over again whenever I get discouraged or whatever else.”

A splash of color is always welcome in a world tinged with gray, and it's reassuring to know that there are people like Cory driven by the conviction that “beauty will save the world.”


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