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Rome Reports

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The Passionists celebrate the Jubilee Year of the 300th Anniversary of their foundation

Located in the heart of Rome and surrounded by some of the most historical landmarks, lies this hidden corner next to the Basilica of Saints John and Paul.

It houses the congregation of the Passion of Jesus Christ, more commonly known as the Passionists. It was precisely here that their founder, St. Paul of the Cross, lived and spent his last days.

The Passionists are now celebrating 300 years of their foundation. Three centuries of proclaiming the Passion of Jesus Christ as the “ultimate expression of Jesus’ love for all humanity and for creation.”

Pope Francis congratulated the Passionists with a message of encouragement and hope where he also urged them help 'the crucified of our age.'

Superior General, Passionists Family
We are so blessed that the Holy Father has granted us to celebrate the jubilee year. It was the challenge that the Holy Father put to us, 44 reminding us of our charism in the Church, and with great encouragement challenging us to renew how we are as Passionists and how we live out our charism in the Church and in the world. That was what touched us most.

The Superior General, Fr. Joachim Rego also says that the Jubilee Year is not a celebration of the congregation’s greatness or successes. Instead, it is a celebration of God’s blessings during these three centuries and the faithfulness of countless members of the Passionist family.

For the Passionists, the present Jubile is an occasion for spiritual renewal, growth, and reevaluation of the charism, as reflected in the theme they have chosen, “Renewing our mission: gratitude, prophecy, and hope.” 

Due to the current pandemic, celebrations will be held locally in their respective communities. These communities are located worldwide and have around two thousand members.  

Superior General, Passionists Family
While there are celebrations probably focused a lot here in Rome, our emphasis has been to ask all our communities throughout the world. We are in 63 countries. We’ve asked all of them to celebrate locally with their people.

The Superior General, Fr. Joachim Rego, explained that all planned celebrations should be aimed at deepening the commitment to keep alive the memory of the Passion of Jesus. At the same time, they are committed to finding new and contemporary ways to promote this memory amidst the world’s current challenges.

Superior General, Passionists
We continue to do works like preaching retreats, preaching days of prayer and recollection, doing spiritual direction, and taking on other apostolates like in parishes where we are in constant connection and relationship with people. Of course, our focus is particularly on people in need.

The Passionists began their Jubilee year last November 22 with the opening of the Holy Door in the Basilica of Sts. John and Paul. It will continue until January 01, 2022. Precisely on the day, St. Paul of the Cross ended a 40-day retreat and wrote the rule of the congregation.

Christian Campos