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Rome Reports

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Spectacular Christmas lighting in streets of Rome

As if the Vatican Christmas tree weren't bright enough, Rome has another spectacular Christmas tree right at its center.

Every year, thousands of children participate in the inauguration ceremony...

This year however, because of the pandemic, the event was held online, with a rebroadcast accompanied by spectacular images of the Eternal City.

This was the moment the mayor illuminated the tree...
...but also the streets of Rome.

Mayor of Rome

“I think this is a way to make us feel less alone, even if right now we can't hug one another, nor enjoy our traditional Christmas dinners with our families.”

The Roman tree is captivating. It's 75 feet tall and is covered with 100,000 lights.

In Piazza Navona, Christmas is being celebrated with light displays in the Fountain of the Four Rivers.

The brilliance doesn't stop there, as thousands of other lights will illuminate the extraordinary Roman streets.

They will be yet another source of joy and warmth this pandemic Christmas.