Captains regent of San Marino invite Pope Francis to their small republic

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Good morning!

Good morning!

What an honor!

It's such a joy to welcome you!

Pope Francis welcomed Alessandro Cardelli and Mirko Dolcini, captains regent of the Republic of San Marino.

You come every year!

It's important to us. In San Marino we have an important Catholic tradition!

San Marino is a small European republic. More than 97 percent of the population is Catholic.

We brought you some typical products from San Marino.

Ah, yes!

They also gave him this icon depicting the history of San Marino, with the small country's beautiful mountains. And they gave him this book explaining the details of the work.

The pope gave them this relief of Creation and the important texts from his pontificate, among them the document on human fraternity.

There was time for this group photo and for the pope to personally greet each of the assistants. Pope Francis gave them rosaries and the medallion commemorating the eighth year of his pontificate.

We will be expecting you in San Marino!

Before saying goodbye, the pope autographed other texts from his pontificate.

The Holy See and the Republic of San Marino holds diplomatic ties since 1926. Although the territory doesn't have an apostolic nuncio in residence, those functions are carried out by the papal representative to the Italian Republic.

Daniel Díaz Vizzi


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