Pope Francis: I carry Haiti in my heart

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-Thank you so much!

-Thank you!

Pope Francis received the credentials of the new Haitian ambassador to the Holy See, Jean Jude Piquant. 

The new diplomat is a Catholic with an extensive educational background specialized in international human rights law. 

Members of the diplomatic corps were also present at the reception. They asked the pope to bless these religious objects.

Francis gave the ambassador the important texts of his pontificate. 

He also gave rosaries to the rest of the delegation, as well a medal commemorating the eighth anniversary of his pontificate. 

-Thank you for accompanying the ambassador today.

-Now accompany him on his mission that begins today.

-I carry your country in my heart!

-I pray for your country! 

He then invited them to pray together in French. 

-Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with you…

After the audience, Francis and the new ambassador met privately to discuss matters of common interest. in particular the current situation in Haiti. The Holy See has maintained diplomatic relations with the Caribbean nation since 1881. 

Daniel Díaz Vizzi

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