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Innovative, science-based parenting apps to increase long-term well-being

Scientifically backed, top-of-the-line relationship and parenting tips are now within easy reach. And it's all thanks to two apps developed by the Human Improvement Project: “The Happy Child” and “In Love While Parenting.”

CEO, Human Improvement Project
“Our apps are different from other apps in that this is not light parenting tips. This is really getting to the fundamental science of just the most important things that will impact your child's long-term well-being, and the elements of that. What we know is that most of the things that parents focus on make no noticeable difference to long-term well-being.”

Child psychologists, psychiatrists, relationship experts and neuroscientists who have contributed to the project have found that there are two key factors that can make or break long-term well-being within the family.

The first is what they call the long-term unhappiness chemical, cortisol.

CEO, Human Improvement Project
“It's only the long-term unhappiness chemical in one situation. And that is when a person is nervous that something's about to happen that will cause their emotions to suddenly plummet. So you as an adult might recognize this feeling when you have a colleague who says rude or hurtful things, and you're kind of nervous around them.”

The second element, what they call the long-term happiness chemical, has the opposite effect.

CEO, Human Improvement Project
“Oxytocin is released for example when you give a hug or when you have a close relationship with somebody. So we teach both the simple things, like just give more hugs, and the more complex things, like learning the science of deep bonds, inside of our apps, so that we can increase the long-term happiness chemical.”

The Human Improvement Project is a non-profit research institution. All their products and services, including “The Happy Child” and the “In Love While Parenting” apps, are free. The apps have been translated into 15 languages and can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices. More information can be found at humanimprovement.org.


Human Improvement Project