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Pope Francis explains why he does not consider Our Lady co-redemptrix

Pope Francis was explaining the role of Our Lady in Salvation history, and the use of the title “co-redemptrix” to describe her.

Mary is a mother, he said, and that's why she helps and protects us. 

As a mother, not a goddess, not as a co-redeemer. as a mother. It's true Christian piety always gives her beautiful titles, just as a son gives them to his mother. How many beautiful things a son says to his mother whom he loves so much! How many beautiful things! But we must be careful: the things the Church and the saints say, the beautiful things they say to Mary, don't take anything away from the redeeming uniqueness of Christ. He is the only Redeemer. They are expressions of love that a son says to his mother, they may be exaggerated, but we know love leads us to do exaggerated things, but they come from love.

Pope Francis recalled how Our Lady accompanied Jesus on Calvary. In the same way, Mary accompanies those who die alone, exactly as is happening during the pandemic.

Mary has been present during the pandemic, she's been close to people who sadly ended their earthly journey in isolation, without the comfort and closeness of their loved ones. Mary is always there, with her maternal tenderness. Prayers addressed to her are never in vain.

When he greeted Polish faithful following the audience in streaming, the Pope mentioned how civil and religious Days for Life are being celebrated in Poland.

Pray that throughout the world there may be a renewal of sensitivity in consciences, families, the Church and society to the value of human life, at every stage and in every condition.

Pope Francis also recalled several tragedies that have struck him recently, like the over 130 people who were murdered during an attack in Niger, and the terrible floods in Australia. 

Javier Romero