Book presents marriage as a gateway to happiness

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Is my wedding day the happiest day of my life, or is it the beginning of even happier days? That question is at the heart of a book entitled, “Más que Juntos” (More than together.)

Co-author, “Más que Juntos”
“The title, 'More than together,' refers to marriage. A couple in love is wonderful. They're together. But getting married means taking another step. It's not just a formality, simply signing a piece of paper. Getting married means making a commitment for life, forever.”

Lucia Alcalde wrote the book with Maria Alvarez de las Asturias. Lucia is a young author and mother of three. She describes how marriage is a journey filled with laughter and celebration, but with its challenges and questions too.

Co-author, “Más que Juntos”
“If we always just give in, it can lead to trouble. If we simply give in to something for the sake of avoiding conflict, and that decision turns out to be wrong, then it becomes very easy to blame the other person, especially regarding important decisions. Compromising means that the decision is agreed upon by both people, and if it turns out the wrong way, then it's the responsibility of the two of them.”

Just like every other family, the pandemic has posed several challenges for Lucia. Being in a house with three kids is far from easy. Lucia shares how she and her husband try to make the most of every minute.

Co-author, “Más que Juntos”
“During lockdown, we were together all the time. But we were always working, taking care of the kids. And it was very important in that situation to stay calm, not to think about anything else, just talking and enjoying one another's company.”

From exploring the meaning of honeymoons, to explaining the best distribution of household chores, and even why spouses sometimes seem to speak different languages, the goal of the book is to help build a future that brings couples “Más que Juntos”, more than together.

Daniel Díaz Vizzi

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