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Pope Francis: “The true response to populism is a politics of fraternity”

Pope Francis addressed a video message to people's movements participating in the international conference, “A Politics Rooted in the People.”

The Pope challenged them “to guarantee a life for all people that is worthy of being called human, a life capable of cultivating virtue and forging new bonds.”

In “Let Us Dream” I call this a “politics with a capital P,” politics as service, which opens new pathways for the people to organize and express itself. It is a politics not just for the people, but with the people, not just for the people, but with the people, rooted in their communities and in their values.

Pope Francis also reminded them of an important objective of their meeting: “to show that the true response to the rise of populism is… not more individualism but... a politics of fraternity, rooted in the life of the people.”

That is why in “Let Us Dream” I speak of a desire: that every diocese in the world have an ongoing collaboration with the people's movements.

He acknowledged the efforts of those who work in the peripheries and understand that “respect for the people means respect also for their institutions.”

The book “Let Us Dream” is the Pope's latest interview, in which he discusses ways to face the many crises caused by the pandemic. It's available in many languages.