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Registry shows young Bergoglio attended nocturnal Eucharistic adoration

This notebook documents Jorge Mario Bergoglio and his brother, Oscar's, participation in nocturnal Eucharistic adoration when they were young men.

Sometimes they would go to the Basilica of the Blessed Sacrament in Buenos Aires at night, where they would take turns praying before the Eucharist. Participants would sleep in a nearby room until they were awakened for their turn.

Journalist Lucas Schaerer shared a photograph of the registry with Pope Francis, who responded excitedly with a letter.

“Alfa y Omega” Magazine
“It shows his quality. It shows how our Pope was formed. A Pope formed in adoration, from a very early age. A kid who, at night, instead of hanging out with his friends, would pray in a basilica.”

It's the same basilica where Jorge Mario met Fr. Aristi, a famous confessor. The Pope remembered that when he died, he stole a crucifix from the priest's body.

“Immediately that thief that is in each of us came out. And while I arranged the flowers, I picked up the cross of the rosary, a cross like this. With a little effort, I tore it off, Then I looked at him and said, 'Give me half of your mercy.'”

Jorge Mario Bergoglio continued to participate in nocturnal adoration as a bishop. Some participants remember him with excitement.

“In fact, he came to nighttime adoration twice. I remember because I was half asleep. It was five or six in the morning, during Mass, and I remember that he was there, but he didn't stay with us afterward. FLASH He was very austere. He didn't go to parties. Families always invited priests to their homes for lunch, but he never accepted. He would wake up at 4 a.m. He lived a life of prayer and helped young priests.”

Journalist Lucas Schaerer says Jorge Mario Bergoglio participated in Eucharistic adoration when he had already decided to become a priest, though when he wrote his name down in the notebook, he hadn't told anyone of his decision.

Javier Romero


LUCAS Schaerer/RR