Sponsor a gargoyle: Notre-Dame de Paris' new fundraising campaign two years after fire

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Two years later, reconstruction efforts are still underway, restoring this jewel of Gothic architecture which was originally built in 1163. 

Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris is a non-profit leading the efforts to rebuild Notre Dame. Their new fundraising campaign allows donors to support the restoration of specific pieces of the cathedral, such as its famous gargoyles, or grotesques. 

President, Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris
'We thought that this was a way for people to participate in this restoration of Notre Dame by sponsoring either a grotesque or gargoyle or a painting or a statue of the cathedral. And it makes also things interesting because in this campaign we evidently comment on the history of each of the elements that we offer in this puzzle of Notre-Dame de Paris.'

The famous statues that line the cathedral's upper balcony were added to the building in the 19th century. 

The grotesques serve as the cathedral's spiritual guardians, and guide pilgrims as they enter into the church's inner beauty.

President, Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris
'You go from the darkness of the grotesques to the I would say the brightness of the statues and of the paintings stemming from the sacred readings.'

Each gargoyle costs about 10,000 dollars to restore, with experts estimating the entire restoration to cost upwards of a billion dollars. 

The last time a pope entered Notre-Dame de Paris was in 2008, when Pope Benedict the XVI visited Paris and Lourdes during his trip to France.

Yet the over 850 year old cathedral is valued by people of all faiths and backgrounds. It's an architectural masterpiece and cultural icon that is appreciated by the whole world. 

President, Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris
'This is typically I would say a kind of gathering point from all over the world because of the beauty of the monument and of it’s significance.'

One year after the fire the president of France Emmanuel Macron pledged to complete the restoration before the 2024 summer Olympics, which will be held in Paris. 

Justin McLellan

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