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Mother of child with special needs helps others confront life's challenges

Jeannie Ewing has five children, but being a mother did not always go as planned.

Her second daughter, Sarah, was born with Apert syndrome: A rare congenital disorder that affects bone formation and can impact cognitive development. 

For Jeannie and her husband Ben, accepting their daughter as she was born is a testimony of their Christian faith.

Even the doctor who delivered the baby was struck by the scene of Jeannie and her husband lovingly holding their daughter in the operating room.

Author, Speaker
“She said the fact that you and your husband just so naturally embraced your daughter, not really knowing what was going on, not knowing whether she was going to live or die, but you loved her like parents of a healthy baby would love their child. She said that's what spoke to me that you must be people of faith.”

Now as a Catholic spirituality writer, Jeannie draws from her background in psychology and experience as the mother of a child with special needs to help others overcome the challenges in their lives. 

Author, Speaker
“It's not just about what I'm teaching or imparting to my children, it's about how God really truly uses the pure of heart, the childlike, the innocent, to reach those of us who are more complicated intellectually or we get lost in our problems and wordly concerns. To me my children ground me, they bring me back to what matters.”

Her books are a reminder that family life is not always easy, but that through embracing its challenges we can be brought closer to Christ. 

Author, Speaker
“The reality of the cross doesn't go away when we get married. It actually deepens, and it necessarily should deepen our faith to the point of clinging more fully to the sacrifice of Jesus.”

Although raising a family may not always go as planned, Jeannie's story is just one example of its many unexpected joys. 


Traducción: Daniel Díaz Vizzi