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Pope warns against movements that reduce the entire Gospel to their own charism

This is how pilgrims reacted to the Pope's first words at his General Audience.

It was the Pope's first public catechesis after his July break.

Pope Francis reflected on a common error of Christian communities: to misinterpret the Christian message and distance themselves from the Gospel.

“We've seen many times in history, and even today, certain movements that preach the Gospel in their own way, sometimes with true and unique charisms. But they later exaggerate and reduce the entire Gospel of Christ to their own movement, and this is not the Gospel of Christ. This is the founder's Gospel. It might be helpful at the beginning, but in the end it yields fruits that lack strong roots.”

It's an error made by some early Christian communities like the Galatians. St. Paul forcefully reprimands them because they run the risk of distancing themselves from Christ and following other teachings that are more appealing but not true.

“There is no trendy Gospel. The Gospel is always new. It is a novelty. The Gospel cannot be negotiated. The truth of the Gospel cannot be negotiated. Or you accept the Gospel as it is, as it has been announced, or you are receiving something else. You cannot use the Gospel as a bargaining chip.”

It's been one month since the Pope underwent intestinal surgery. He seemed to be doing much better, though not yet fully recovered. In fact, he needed more help than usual to walk down the steps.

Javier Romero