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Sharing the power of the Rosary with dads worldwide

Fathers play an essential role in forming a family's faith life. That's why Holy Cross Family Ministries has launched the Rosary Dads initiative during the year of St. Joseph, encouraging fathers everywhere to take up their rosaries and pray with their families. 

They are sharing the stories of inspirational dads who place the Rosary at the center of their lives, and instill the faith in their children. 

President, Holy Cross Family Ministries
"When the father is engaged in the family's spiritual life, when he's observant, the percentage goes up to 75, in some studies it's as high as 88 and 90 percent, of the children will continue the practice of the faith in the next generation."

Holy Cross Family Ministries distributes over one million rosaries to families, schools, parishes, and other groups around the world each year: a tool meant to strengthen the faith of all members of the family, old and young. 

President, Holy Cross Family Ministries
"The rosary is a prayer that is, number one, simple and profound, I think John Paul said that, but it's true. It is simple, even a little child can have the beads and start joining in, even if she or he cannot pronounce the words, they can have the beads and hear everyone else praying."

Above all, praying the rosary as a family is an opportunity to spend quality time together, and for fathers to deepen their connection with their children. 

President, Holy Cross Family Ministries
"One simple example is for a dad to take and spend time with each one of his children, once a month, like spend a half hour, or take the daughter to lunch on a Saturday morning. And this is where the rosary comes in too, the rosary is something that the family can do together and it's binding, it brings unity and peace."

Holy Cross Family Ministries reaches families in 17 countries around the world through its various initiatives, but it is inside of homes and within each family that they are truly working to make a difference.