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Rome Reports

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California couple surprises Pope Francis speaking in Spanish

Newlyweds have a special place at the front of the Pope's weekly General Audience. 

To make sure they had a front row view of the Pope, Rosemary Hua and Christopher Castillo got an early start waiting to get into the Audience.

"In the morning start, got to the front, like first row, first seat, like right in front of the Pope, it was unreal, definitely a once-in-lifetime experience."

The two were married in September. They traveled to Rome from California to ask Pope Francis to bless their marriage, and even got some face time with the Pope after the audience.  

"I spoke to him in Spanish. I'm Taiwanese, but I know some Spanish. And he's like a mix of Filipino, Mexican, but he doesn't speak Spanish, so the Pope was actually laughing about that. He was like “oh my gosh, the Chinese one speaks Spanish,” and I was like, “yes!” And kind of told him like, oh my husband is Mexican but he doesn't speak Spanish, and he was laughing."

Rosemary and Christopher will spend a few more days in Europe before returning home to California, and taking a papal blessing with them.