From a Fiat 500 to a city tram, traveling in style with Pope Francis

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Pope Francis knows how to travel in style, and he often surprises the world with the modes of transportation he chooses and those he doesn't.

In 2017, for instance, he received a special edition Lamborghini Huracán featuring the colors of the Vatican flag. But it was never destined to become the new popemobile. Instead, Pope Francis autographed the luxury vehicle before it was auctioned off. Pope Francis put the money toward aiding vulnerable populations, including Christians in Iraq; victims of trafficking and abuse; and women and children in Africa.

About a month later, the Pope was presented with one of the popemobiles he had used during his five-day trip in Mexico in 2016. Despite safety concerns, the Pope had requested that the white pickup not be bulletproof.

Pope Francis has even used public transportation. In 2016, he took an ordinary city tram to reach the World Youth Day welcoming ceremony in Krakow.

When he arrived at his destination, he was given a small replica of the tram, and was reassured that from then on, the tram would be officially known as the papal tram.

True to his down-to-earth modus operandi, in Bangladesh in 2017, the Pope set the traditional popemobile aside and opted for a cycle rickshaw pulled by a local.

For his occasional ventures into the streets of Rome, the Pope uses less conspicuous vehicles, including a Ford Focus and a Fiat 500L.

But no matter what mode of transportation he chooses, Pope Francis always manages to make an impression with his unique style.



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