Book tells how professor “shaped the next generation of Catholics”

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Peter Kreeft is a Catholic author of over 80 books. Originally from New Jersey, he has been a professor at Boston College for more than 55 years. 

Now, the power of his legacy is being told in a new book, “Wisdom and Wonder: How Peter Kreeft Shaped the Next Generation of Catholics.” The project was born when one of Kreeft's readers, Brandon Vogt, started asking those around him to share how Kreeft's writings had touched their lives. 

Editor, “Wisdom and Wonder”
'Entries began flooding in and the result is this book, which has 18 contributors, a wide diversity of people: you have professors, stay at home moms, theologians, people working in the everyday world. I think it highlights the huge tapestry that Peter Kreeft has painted with his legacy.'

At 84-years old, he continues writing on topics from philosophical considerations of Christianity, to straightforward guides to prayer—demonstrating the wide range of his intellectual talent. 

Editor, “Wisdom and Wonder”
'He's a high-level philosopher, he's taught philosophy for over 50 years at the university level, but he's also what I would call a soul doctor, he's a man who understands the workings of the soul, spiritual life, prayer, and it's really rare that you who someone who can speak intelligently and eloquently about both of those areas.'

“Wisdom and Wonder” demonstrates Kreeft's influence particularly among Catholic converts, and reflects the power of his testimony about the Catholic faith as a former protestant. 

Editor, “Wisdom and Wonder”
'He himself is a convert, so he understands both sides of the equation. He knows what it's like not to be a Catholic and he knows how great it is to be a Catholic, so he can speak to both audiences.'

Vogt says that he hopes the book will offer an introduction into the works of Peter Kreeft, and help both converts and cradle Catholics alike deepen their faith.


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