Anti-Christian persecution reaches record high

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The last report published by the Open Doors NGO on Christian persecution around the world, shows concerning numbers.

It shows that 2021 concluded with some of the worst statistics registered to date.

Open Doors
'At least seven countries in Sub-Saharan Africa are among those ranked highest for their level of anti-Christian violence. That is, from the Sahel south, the situation of Christian communities worsens year after year. And the Taliban's victory in Afghanistan is like fuel for those extremist movements.'

The report is the “World Watch List.” It says that there are more than 360 million persecuted Christians: one out of seven in the world and one out of five in Africa.

Open Doors
'More than 4,650 Christian men and women were killed because of their faith, in Nigeria alone. But Sub-Saharan Africa, unfortunately, has become, in recent years, and last year even more so, the place in the world with the most incidents of violence against Christians.'

Afghanistan is the worst country in the world to be a Christian, surpassing North Korea. Asia is still the worst continent for Christians, where two out of five are persecuted.

Other entities, like Observatory, which measures discrimination against Christians in Europe, are asking that this situation be taken seriously. They report that Christians are those who face the most religious persecution.

Observatory on Intolerance against Christians
“If you take the total number of people being persecuted because of their beliefs, 82 percent are Christians. Somehow there is a wrong understanding or depiction of what Christians have to endure in the rest of the world because we are so used to 'European Christian countries' but usually Christians in the rest of the world, they are poor, they don't have resources, they are a minority.”

The list put together by Open Doors shows that in 2021, nearly 6,000 Christians were killed and more than 5,000 attacks carried out on churches.

Another key theme is that the report also shows the persecution of Christians in countries like Mexico and Colombia, where organized crime persecutes those who denounce it.



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