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Russian and Ukrainian nurses to participate in Stations of the Cross at the Colosseum

This year's reflections for the Stations of the Cross at the Colosseum have been prepared by families working with volunteer groups across Rome, but the war in Ukraine will still make its presence felt.

Among those who will carry the cross are two nurses: one from Ukraine and the other from Russia. Both work at the Bio-Medico Campus Hospital in Rome. After the invasion, they put together a video to show their solidarity despite the war. 

The Ukrainian nurse is named Irina. She lives in Italy worried about the situation in her home country. 

For days I have been anxious about the condition of my loved ones. My mom is currently in Ukraine.

The Russian nurse is named Albina. She has been critical of the war since it began.

Resolving problems with the strength of weapons is not a good policy. The strength of love will overcome everything. I am Russian and I am against the war.

They say the war has brought them closer together than ever, and on Friday during the Stations of the Cross, they will walk together through the Colosseum for the whole world to see.