Pope Francis thanks Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán for taking in Ukrainian refugees

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The Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, met with Pope Francis at the Vatican, who thanked him for the visit.

I am happy you are here.

They discussed Hungary's response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Pope Francis thanked him for so far receiving more than 476,000 Ukrainian refugees in Hungary.

I thought about how you Hungarians at this moment are welcoming everyone.

The two then exchanged gifts, and laughed together.

The Pope gave him a bronze image of St. Martin sharing his coat with a poor man. He also gave him his message of peace for 2022 and the significant texts of his papacy.

In return, Orbán gave him a book by Bela Bartok, a Hungarian composer, as well as a collection of records, and a book from 1750 with the offices of Holy Week in English and Latin.

Pope Francis joked with a member of the delegation and asked him to pray for him.

-For me.
-Not against.

He then thanked the Hungarian prime minister for his visit, who invited him to visit Hungary once again.

-Thank you very much, very kind of you. God bless you, your family and Hungary
-The Hungarians are waiting for you.

The last time Pope Francis and Viktor Orbán met was during the International Eucharistic Congress in Budapest, where they met for 40 minutes.



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