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The Kiss of God: the meaning of the Mass explained through a movie

We presented it to God, the Father with the hope that it would be transformed.

This movie, entitled The Kiss of God, explains the meaning of the Eucharist.

Giuseppe Pietro Manglano first thought of the idea for a movie about the Mass and he worked with Pietro Ditano as the director.

Director, writer, producer and editor
Actually, the original idea was his. He was the one who wanted to make a documentary about the Mass and he had made many videos on the subject. And the beautiful thing was that, as we knew each other well, where I came from having a very clear and very simple experience that Jesus healed and touched people through the Mass, frequent reception of the Eucharist, being in a state of grace with the Sacraments and so on. He had the desire to tell the world that the Mass, especially daily Mass, was healing and transforming.

In the movie, there are several testimonies like that of the 1970s two-time Formula 1 champion, Emerson Fitipaldi.

It is very important when someone goes to a Mass or to a religious event to hear the word, because the Word is from God. Don't look at the pastor or the priest. If someone doesn't like the priest or the pastor, it doesn't matter because the Word of God is very strong.

Director, writer, producer and editor
He is a very special person, very simple, with a very vivid faith. He is a person who has a strong experience of God, and he has a very serene experience. It is as if he were a grandfather or a tender father who has already lived through things and can tell you about them to help you grow.

Fitipaldi is an Evangelical but they wanted to include him because his presence is a testimony to Christian unity, something the Pope has encouraged.

The Kiss of God also shares the testimonies of young people, religious and even Cardinal Raniero Cantalamessa, the preacher of the Pontifical Household.