Bono promotes Vatican education initiative alongside Pope Francis

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An atypical scene at the Benedict XVI Great Hall in the Pontifical Urban University. 

Song and dance before a meeting between Pope Francis and the Scholas Occurrentes educational project, which has recently become an International Pontifical Movement. 

The event brought students from across the Americas and Europe participating in the Laudato Si' school to develop social and ecological projects in their home communities.

Also in attendance were some very special guests. 

Mr. Bono!

Pope Francis was wheeled into the room to great applause, and listened to a performance from the students before responding to their questions on caring for the environment, including one from Bono, who referenced the role of women in combating poverty. 

I would like to ask His Holiness if he thinks that women and girls play the same powerful role in tackling the climate crisis. 

In the common saying we usually talk about Mother Earth, not Father Earth.

As an example of innovative ecological projects, an inventor showed a device he created to filter water without electricity. 

And surprising the crowd, even Pope Francis took a sip. 

Oh my God! 

Before closing the meeting, more special guests came out from the crowd to meet the Pope.


Soccer superstars Dani Alvez, Maxi Rodriguez, and Ronaldinho shook the Pope's hand and presented a video message promoting an upcoming friendly soccer match for peace. The video featured iconic players from around the world, among them, the late soccer legend Diego Maradona. 

I want everyone in the Olympic Stadium to enjoy the match for peace. 

They then gave the Pope the number ten shirt to play alongside them in Rome's Olympic Stadium on October 10.


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