Tim Schmalz brings the first statue of Jesus in fetus form to Rome

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The sculpture, named 'Life Monument,' just arrived at the Church of San Marcello al Corso. As far as its sculptor, Timothy Schmalz is aware, it is the only depiction of Jesus in fetus form in Rome. And in the world.

Sculptor, 'Life Monument'
Here in Rome, a city that has more representations of Jesus than any other in the world, I think this is the first image of Jesus as a fetus. It is very exciting for me to add this work to the art collection of the Eternal City.

On Sunday, the sculpture was blesed by Vincenzo Paglia, President of the Pontifical Academy for Life. And on June 5, a six foot replica of the statue will be installed outside the United States Congress building. Without Schmalz proposing it, the image will arrive in the country at a critical moment. 

Sculptor, 'Life Monument'
It is fascinating that right now, while this piece is being blessed, there is a debate going on in America and around the world about when life begins. This sculpture aims to celebrate life and day that human life is incredible and we must treat it as sacred.

Timothy Schmalz rejects the idea of “art for the sake of art.” For him, the works have to speak for something, in this case, God. He has numerous sculptures in Rome and the Vatican such as 'Homeless Jesus' or 'Angels Unaware' in St. Peter's Square. The Pope asked to contemplate it in the last World Day of Migrants and Refugees.

“I invite you to approach the monument over there, where Cardinal Czerny is. It is the boat with migrants. Look in the eyes of those people and contemplate that look of home that every migrant has of being able to start living again. Go there, look at the monument. Lets not close the doors to their hope.”

The Canadian refuses to use his works to open a political debate. He believes that the real strength to convince others it comes from beauty.

Sculptor, 'Life Monument'
The idea is that the people who really want to celebrate and promote life can't be angry. My sculpture is not angry, it is a celebration. I hope that when people see it, regardless of their background or philosophical convictions, they will stand up and say, “You know what? It is beautiful.” And if they say that it beautiful, they are saying that life is beautiful.

It is the bet that Timothy Schmalz has made for life. And he has committed to proving it to everyone by doing what he knows best: creating art that leaves those who contemplate them with their mouths open.


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