Pope Francis: Virgin of Guadalupe is example to follow for evangelization

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On Tuesday afternoon, Pope Francis visited Lac Ste. Anne (Lake St. Anne) in Canada. He arrived accompanied by the chiefs of the local communities and he stopped to pray before the image of St. Anne, the grandmother of Jesus.

Lac Ste. Anne is very important for the indigenous community as the figure of grandparents is also of great importance. That is why this lake, which is believed to have healing qualities, is dedicated to St. Anne. At the end of the 19th century, the first Catholic communities began making pilgrimages here.

Pope Francis blessed the lake following indigenous customs, making the sign of the Cross in the direction of the four cardinal points. 

He then read the formula for the blessing in English.

Finally, the Pope went to the lakeshore to pray for a few moments in silence (39:15). On the way, he sprinkled water from the blessed lake on those present (41:14). As he left the lake, the wheelchair caught on the stones of the path. .

In the chapel where the Liturgy of the Word was held, Pope Francis was given a handmade stole in the indigenous style.

After listening to the readings, the Pope gave a reflection saying that Lac Ste. Anne reminded him that Jesus also preached before the waters of the Sea of Galilee, a peripheral area populated by people of different origins and cultures.

God chose this multifaceted and diverse context to announce something revolutionary to the world. For example, 'turn the other cheek; love your enemies.'

It was the site of an unprecedented announcement of fraternity, of a revolution without death or injury, the revolution of love.

Because it was the feast day of the grandmother of Jesus, the Pope also specifically addressed grandparents.

The faith is rarely born reading a book by ourselves alone in the living room, but it is spread in a family atmosphere; it is transmitted in the language of mothers, with the sweet

singing of grandmothers. I am glad to see so many grandparents and great-grandparents here. Thank you. I thank you, and I would like to say to all those who have elderly people at home and in the family, you have a treasure!

Then the Pope recalled the example of Mexico, where true evangelization did not come by the sword, but through a mother, the Virgin of Guadalupe. 

During the conquest, it was Our Lady of Guadalupe who transmitted the right faith to the indigenous people, speaking their language and wearing their clothing. She did it without violence and without pressure.

At the same time, he praised the work of the missionaries who published the first catechisms in indigenous languages, which allowed the preservation of local cultures.



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