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Pope Francis prays Angelus for the Feast of the Assumption: “True power is service”

Although Pope Francis usually only prays the Angelus in St. Peter's Square on Sundays, he also did so for the feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. He took this opportunity to explain the meaning of Mary's Magnificat to pilgrims. 

She does not intend to chronicle the time - she is not a journalist - but to tell us something much more important: that God, through her, has created a historical turning point. He has established a new order. She, small and humble, was raised to heaven and we celebrate it today.

The Pope explained that, when she speaks with her cousin Elizabeth, Mary becomes a prophet. She foretells that God does not care about power, success or money, but about service and humility—something that all people can learn.

And looking at her in her glory, we understand that the true power is service, let's not forget this. True power is service and to reign means to love. This is the way to heaven. This is it.

As Pope Francis closed the Angelus, he urged pilgrims to pray for all people who are not able to go on vacation and also for the war in Ukraine. He also encouraged Christians to visit any Marian shrine, such as St. Mary Major in Rome, to mark the feast day.