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Vatican to project an artistic video of the first pope on the façade of St. Peter's Basilica

From October 2 to 21, the Vatican will project on the façade of St. Peter's Basilica this video of the apostle fishing in the Sea of Galilee, discovering his vocation and following Jesus.

The project is entitled "Follow me: The Life of Peter" and is the first stage of the Vatican's pastoral program to make the faith more accessible to people through art.

Priest, St. Peter's Basilica
It summarizes the parable of the life of Simon Peter—from the call in Galilee to the supreme witness of love for Christ on the hill of the Vatican.

Secretary General, Frattelli Tutti Foundation
This video mapping project is the first stage of a much larger pastoral program.

The video will be projected every evening from nine o'clock until eleven o'clock. With it, the organizers of the initiative hope that those who pass through St. Peter's Square will be able to feel closer to the first Pope.