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Central American embassies to the Vatican celebrate independence with eclectic art show

Marking 201 years since their independence, Central American countries displayed unity in their shared history and diversity in their unique beauty through an art exhibition organized by their embassies to the Vatican. 

Local artists from El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Guatemala displayed their work in Rome to share their rich cultural heritage with the Vatican.

Salvadoran Ambassador to the Holy See
We each wanted to present a unique idiosyncrasy in our exhibit, there's a lot of figurative art, but we also wanted to present a final reflection at the end of the exhibit, and in El Salvador's case it is a reflection on life.

El Salvador's exhibit featured portraits of martyrs who were killed working for justice during the country's civil war in the 80's.

Salvadoran artist
It is a historic period that is coming back now, because Pope Francis began, canonizing them, for example Monsignor Romero not long ago, and more recently he named two of the people in this exhibit blesseds.

They are normal people, who with one gesture turned into extraordinary people.

Each exhibit shares a distinct message about each country, such as Guatemala's which shows its vibrant colors and spirituality.

Guatemalan Ambassador to the Holy See
The common theme is hope—hope and diversity in a country like ours that is multicolored and of many cultures. 

Honduras' exhibit, on the other hand, focused on promoting peace. 

Chargè d'affaires, Honduran embassy to the Holy See
The message is a message of peace, that we can find a common path, that despite being different countries we have a common goal which is achieving peace in Central America and in the whole world.

As one of the few confessional countries that includes Catholicism in its constitution, Costa Rica's exhibit was more religious in nature.

Costa Rican Ambassador to the Holy See
It is all sacred art, all on the Church, and since we are ambassadors to the Holy See, that is what we need to show, that close relationship of Costa Rica and all of Central America with the Holy See.

While recognizing their common history, these countries demonstrate their unique expressions of 200 years of independence after a year of delays due to the pandemic.