Grammy-nominated artist releases new Marian hymn, 'Mother Mary, pray for us'

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Sarah Hart’s passion for both music and the Catholic faith originated from her upbringing in a small rural town in the hills of southeastern Ohio.    

She is now a Grammy-nominated artist and recently released her first ever Marian hymn, titled, “Mother Mary, pray for us.” The hymn is inspired by her personal prayers to Mary throughout her own motherhood journey.  

Songwriter, 'Mother Mary, pray for us'
I had been praying to Mary a lot more lately because I have two teenage daughters and they are both gone and doing their own thing now, they’re both at college. So, it’s been a lot of “ugh Momma Mary,” you know. And one day in particular I was really just praying “Mother Mary pray for us, pray for our family” over and over again, and I was thinking you know, I should write a song about this.  

Sarah says that if the song reaches one person, she’s done her job. Though she hopes this song will be prayed and sung in churches, she also hopes it may guide others in their daily life.

Songwriter, 'Mother Mary, pray for us'
My favorite medium is just imagining somebody going for a walk or driving in their car and having this music playing to help them pray, to help them settle, to help them feel—in a very mundane moment of life—a connection to God. 

In addition to music, Sarah is passionate about sharing her faith and the mission of the Church with others.

Songwriter, 'Mother Mary, pray for us'
When we are one Catholic Church, not tolerating each other but celebrating each other, then we have become one true Catholic faith. And I want people to know that Jesus is greater than our division. I pray everyday that the Chruch might not be an example and witness to division but an example and a witness to unity.  

Looking forward, Sarah plans to continue writing music, traveling the world, and, in 2023, she will release her first book.


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