Pope Francis: “Do not make compromises with the Gospel”

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Pope Francis celebrated Mass for All Souls' Day in St. Peter's Basilica for the intercession of the cardinals and bishops who have died this year. 

In his homily, he said that each person must prepare for their final meeting with the Lord by living out their personal calls to serve those most in need. 

As an example, the Pope referenced a letter he had received from a Lutheran minister in Ukraine caring for orphans who had lost their parents in the war. 

He said, this is my service, to be with these abandoned ones who lost their parents. War is cruel, and left them by themselves.

When I read this letter, written with so much pain, I was moved and I said, Lord: I see that you continue to inspire the true values of the Kingdom.

Pope Francis then addressed the kinds of “compromises” individuals make with the Gospel, and called them to embrace its full message through their lives.

Often out of convenience or comfort we tend to tone down Jesus' message, to water down His words.

Be close to the sick and imprisoned, yes, but in newspapers and social media there are more pressing issues, so why do I of all people have to care about them? Welcome migrants, yes, but it's a complicated issue, it's about politics and I don't get involved in these things. Always compromises, yes, yes, yes, but no, no, no. These are the compromises that we make with the Gospel, yes to everything, but in the end no to everything.

A special intention was then offered for the 155 cardinals and bishops who have died this year. 

Give to the cardinals and bishops deceased this year the fullness of life, and the joy promised to faithful servants.

Pope Francis then venerated an image of Our Lady, before leaving the Basilica after the final procession. 


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