Pope Francis “struck” by calls for dialogue in Islam while in Bahrain

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On his return flight from Bahrain, Pope Francis told journalists about his interactions with the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, considered the highest authority of Sunni Islamic thought. 

The Pope said that he was struck by the Grand Imam's insistent calls for dialogue among different Islamic communities, not in order to erase the differences that exist among them, but so that they may understand each other and work with one another. 

He then cited the violent history that exists among Christian denominations, and said they must walk together as people of faith. 

On the role of women, the Pope insisted that women must be present at all levels of society. He said that a society without women in public life is impoverished, and that a healthy society must have equality of rights as well as opportunity among genders. 

Pope Francis also spoke on the migration situation in Europe, saying that each country in the EU must declare how many migrants they are able to recieve, and that they must collaborate so as to not leave migrants from Africa only in nearby Mediterranean countries. 

The Pope also briefly discussed the church in Germany, insisting that he wants it to remain a faithul Catholic church, and not become another Evangelical church. 


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