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Marian expert warns about politicians and mafia using religion

Fr. Stefano Cecchin is one of the foremost experts on the Virgin Mary and is the President of the Pontifical International Marian Academy. He is concerned with the growing number of messages on the Internet claiming God is responsible for the pandemic or the war in Ukraine. Although they claim to be religious in nature, he claims they are not.

Pontifical International Marian Academy

We Mariologists are very concerned about a growing worldwide phenomenon: pseudo-apparitions. Many alleged messages, as we are seeing, are negative. They generate fear and terror. And this is not the image of God that Jesus taught us.
He is not a God who comes to punish us or who likes to send wars and evil. It is we who, by not following Him, do evil.

Another issue is the manipulation of religious images. Fr. Cecchin is part of the commission Pope Francis created to excommunicate mafia members. He says the mafia often use religious symbols to protect their shady business. He also believes that some countries use religion to legitimize their wars.

Pontifical International Marian Academy

Creating a climate of terror is something that the Nazis and all dictatorships did to keep people enslaved. We don't want anything like that.
This is the big problem we are seeing today. Fear of the state, of law and order, of the Pope, of the Church...who benefits from this?

Fr. Cecchin regrets that there are so many messages against the Pope and that they generate confusion. To avoid falling into these traps, the Pontifical International Marian Academy offers training courses to help people discover the truth. 

Pontifical International Marian Academy

They say many things: that Pope Francis is the Antichrist, that he is leading the Church to disaster...But everything comes from a lack of information.
We, for example, as the Marian Academy, are giving free online Mariology courses precisely to help people know Catholic Mariology.
And to know the true Mary as opposed to so many impostors in the world.

Teaching people to decipher fact from fiction in Mariology is just one way to help eliminate religious misinformation found in today's culture.