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Pope Francis in Democratic Repbulic of Congo: "Africa is not a mine to exploit"

Pope Francis' first words in the Democratic Republic of Congo were heavy. From the heart of the African continent, he denounced the savage exploitation of its resources by the Western world. 

It has become a paradox: the fruits of the land become "foreign" to its inhabitants.
Africa is not a mine to be exploited or a soil to be plundered.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is a country rich in coltan—a key material in manufacturing smartphones, tablets and computers and is often called black gold due to its worth. But its exploitation is costly. For example, more than a hundred armed groups fight over illegal extraction areas to obtain money to buy weapons. This situation also happens with other resources such as diamonds.

The poison of greed has made its diamonds bloody.
We cannot get used to the blood that has been flowing in this country for decades now, claiming millions of lives unknown to so many. Let it be known what is happening here.

Pope Francis asked local authorities to act with transparency and to invest in education. He also petitioned the international community to help develop countries like this one without falling into a welfare mentality that impedes development.