365 days since Russia's invasion of Ukraine: Pope Francis' messages of peace

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February 24 marks the one year anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. 

Over this last year, Pope Francis has offered words of consolation to those who are suffering as a result.

The day after the war started, the Pope visited the Russian embassy in Rome to meet with the Ambassador and express “his concern.” 

One month later, Pope Francis had a video call with Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill to discuss ways of achieving peace.

Not only did the Pope offer words of solidarity with the people of Ukraine, but he also sent the Papal Almoner, Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, to Ukraine with supplies on multiple occasions.

At almost every General Audience over the past year, Pope Francis invited pilgrims to pray for Ukraine. At one Audience in May, he met with the wives of two Ukrainian soldiers, who begged for his help.

You are our last hope. We hope you can save their lives. Please don't let them die.

During his trip to Kazakhstan in September last year, Pope Francis greeted Metropolitan Antonij and a delegation of the Russian Orthodox Church with the goal of trying to schedule a meeting with Patriarch Kirill.

How is Patriarch Kirill?

Good, good.

Tell him I say hello.

We spoke yesterday and he asked me to pass along his greeting.

As do I to him.

The Pope has repeatedly called those in positions of power to end the war in Ukraine. During an Angelus in October, he renewed this plea.

October 2, 2022

My appeal is addressed above all to the president of the Russian Federation, whom I beg to stop, also for the love of his people, this spiral of violence and death.

While praying for the people of Ukraine on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, the Pope appeared particularly emotional.

Pope Francis' calls for peace have remained constant throughout this year. He has repeatedly offered the Vatican as neutral grounds for peace talks and expressed his desire to visit both Ukraine and Russia.


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