New film reimagines the story of Mother Teresa with a modern twist

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The story of Mother Teresa, the nun in the slums of Calcutta, India, comes to life once again in a new film.

Following an experience with poor children in Calcutta, actress Jacqueline Fritschi-Cornaz spoke to her husband about creating a film and foundation to support these children.

Actress, Mother Teresa

So we established the Zariya Foundation to, on one hand, really bring this film, this story.
And on the other hand, it should be a source for poorest children because the whole revenues out of the film will really go into the foundation and support poorest children in education and healthcare.

And after 10 years of donations, scriptwriting and preparation, the film, Mother Teresa & Me was born.

But this movie is not like others that recount the story of this Catholic nun. Director Kamal Musale wanted to focus on a specific 12 year period of her life: from the moment of Mother Teresa's “call within a call” to the beginnings of her work in the slums.

Director and Script Writer

This moment for me was a very interesting, dramatic arch because after that Mother Teresa doesn't really change from where she decides to be.

The film is unique because it not only tells the story of Mother Teresa, but also the story of Kavita, a young woman facing a challenging time in her life. For Kamal, she was the piece he needed to make the film more relatable to others.

Director and Script Writer

Kavita came in mind, came into my mind because there was a moment where, you know, digging into Mother Teresa, there was a, for me, a gap of something I did not quite identify with. I could understand, you know how she was abandoned by Jesus. But for me, it was something I could not relate to in my flesh, so I needed to have an alter ego and also another character that could convey this emotions.

For Jacqueline, having the role of Mother Teresa inspired her and she hopes it can encourage others to make a difference in the world. 

Actress, Mother Teresa

This film and to be Mother Teresa has shown me that we all as individuals can do much more than we believe. That we really should believe in ourselves and in our goals and visions. And that we are really able to make a change in this world. And I think that today our world really needs people who wanna do, wanna kind of change things for the better.

Mother Teresa & Me premiered in Rome at a film festival hosted by the international organization Mirabile Dictus. The film was given the Silver Fish award for promoting universal moral values and positive examples.


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